The Keeper of the Door to Secret Knowledge

monk.pngIn my last post I alluded to those who possess secret knowledge, the key to the riddle of life. Want to be popular? Convince people that you have the secret knowledge that unlocks the doors to riches, wisdom, power or love. You will then develop a loyal group of dedicated followers. Or, if you want to make a lot of money, merely convince others that you have secret knowledge, even if you don’t.  A lot of religious leaders have been doing this for years.

Yes, it would be great to find some dusty old tome in the backroom of a bookstore, one that had a chapter for each of our major concerns: how to make money, how to win love, how to make other people do what we want. Now if there were some kind of ancient alchemy or magic associated with the process, all the better (less work that way). Nerds could become popular chick-magnets overnight; the down-and-out could become prosperous, well-dressed and drive a hot new car. The people who have persecuted you in life could be put in their place, punished and humiliated. The meaning of life would be revealed and everything in life would suddenly make sense and fall into place. Great! Now what’s for dinner? Ah, if only it were all that easy.

As I mentioned, religious hucksters like to make use of this angle to appeal to their followers. Don’t misunderstand, I am not panning religion. I am panning those who misuse it. Just watch many (but not all) TV evangelists who want to convince you to send them buckets of money “for God.” One of the most effective ways to take money from the flock is to convince them that you have a special relationship with God, or have spiritual knowledge not available to anyone else, or that you are somehow “the chosen” guide to lead the multitudes to salvation.

I remember seeing a quote by the founder of the Church of Scientology who reportedly said that if you really want to get rich, start your own religion. But riches aren’t the only payoff. You also gain power over other people. Many false “prophets” have arisen over the centuries to take advantage of the spiritual need that burns in the breast of most people. I remember the late great Andy Kaufman’s role in the 1980 comedy film “In God We Tru$t.” Kaufman played a phony minister on the take who claimed to his television followers that he was “God’s buddy.” It was a hilarious film with a great point.

It’s okay to follow a leader, but first make sure he is worthy of your trust. A little skepticism is a good thing.Yes, there is real religion and many good people who serve both God and humanity through their faith. Mother Teresa was a good example. But beware of people claiming to have secret knowledge to sell, be it spiritual or otherwise.  Anyone peddling books or tapes with “secret knowledge” that can make you rich, famous or popular should be viewed with skepticism. It could be that the only secret knowledge they possess is how to separate you from your money.


4 responses to “The Keeper of the Door to Secret Knowledge

  1. Secret knowledge.

    Satan’s first lie to man, and he just keeps repeating it over and over because it works so well.

    “Eat of the tree, and you will be as gods
    knowing of good and evil” (secret knowledge)

  2. Bro,

    Yes, many people seem to be seeking some secret key to the mystery of life, some magical amulet that will open all the doors to their desires. Unscrupulous people who pretend to have this magic knowledge often take them for a ride.

  3. Newsflash bro,
    If you read the entire chapter instead of the sentences you have been brainwashed with,, you would learn that the serpent did NOT lie. In fact, throughout the entire book of genesis, the serpent is the only one who told the truth. God told Adam and Eve that if they ate from the tree, they would die. This, we know, was a lie. The serpent told Eve, ” you shall not die from the fruit of the tree, but become like God, knowing of good and evil. We know the serpent told the truth, because God said to Adam, “you have eaten of the tree and have become like one of us” If you really read that sentence, you will learn that the serpent told the truth, God was the one that lied, AND, that there is clearly more than one God. God refers to “us” several times in the book of Genesis. Furthermore, ancient versions of the scriptures, (which will never be read in their original text or meaning by any of us ever again), refer to the serpent as the “wisest animal in the Kingdom” . In fact, the devil, Satan, or any other fiendish dark character never existed until “Christianity” was born. (A religion that is responsible for more lies and deaths than our government and all our diseases combined.) So, you know, there just may be a secret knowledge. Maybe you should open your mind. After all we idiot humans only use 12% of our brain. Imagine what the rest might be able to do. ?

  4. There is no secret knowledge I think that can set people free from their longing to be liberated from the shackles of human limitations. I do not claim to possess any secret but the only way to transcend the endless craving for an elusive state of perfect bliss and happiness is to watch the one or thing that ceaselessly craves for a better state of being. That is the secret of inner peace and joy.


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