Ayn Rand: A Great Mind for Our Times

I have been reading the books of Ayn Rand lately. I started with Anthem and then read The Fountainhead. I recently completed Atlas Shrugged and then read We The Living. I am currently reading her book, Capitalism The Unknown Ideal.

I find much in Rand’s philosophy that I agree with. Her philosophy is called “Objectivism,” and I generally distrust philosophical movements, as they can take on the attributes of a religion and become dogmatic. However, I think Ayn Rand’s philosophy is rational and reasonable. I will probably read all of her books. I may as well, I’ve already gone through most of them.

What did Ayn Rand believe? In a word (well two words) Laissez-Faire capitalism. Having escaped from communist Russia, she knew first hand the evils of collectivism and statism. Socialism is a disaster, both to the economic health of any society and to the freedoms of the individual. Rand considered businessmen the unsung heroes of American life. She was right.


2 responses to “Ayn Rand: A Great Mind for Our Times

  1. You must not have read Ayn Rand very closely. Objectivism rejects the concept of the supernatural (which supports religion) and promotes the use of reason. Your premises are in conflict with her philosophy.

  2. That’s why I said I “mostly agree” with Objectivism. Objectivism is fine in its proper realm, that of human experience gauged with the five physical senses. Human reason is only valid in the human sphere; it is useless beyond the limit of man’s five senses.
    I don’t know what Ayn Rand thought of this, but if she assumed that human reason was the only possible form of knowledge, then she was wrong. One could not use human reason, therefore, to conclude that there is no God. It would be an attempt to measure the infinite with a finite tool.
    I very much agree with Ayn Rand about economics and that’s why I read her books. I do not read her books to satisfy the spiritual side of my soul. Nor is it necessary for me to agree with everything in her philosophy in order to appreciate it.

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