Triggers That Bring On The Mystical Experience

I found this post on the web about the triggers that bring on the mystical experience (see my post regarding my own experience below). 

The four major triggers for spontaneous mystical experiences are:

  • Depression, despair
  • Prayer, meditation
  • Natural beauty
  • Participation in religious worship

All of these criteria were present in my mystical experience of June 1964.  I was very anxious about death and despaired of finding the truth about God and His plans for man.  I was going to church and earnestly seeking to know God.  I prayed a lot.

The natural beauty of the incandescent blue tide filled me with awe.  Finally, our group discussion of God and His plans for man was akin to a religious worship.

It all makes sense.


3 responses to “Triggers That Bring On The Mystical Experience

  1. I would add Drugs to the list – which I do not think in anyway disparages the mystical experience. LSD, mushrooms, etc, in the hands/mind of a seeker (not just someone looking to party) and especially in connection with your #3 (natural beauty) often triggers such an experience. That’s why some call these drugs “entheogens” – “that which generates God (or godly inspiration) within a person.”

  2. Max, I wouldn’t include drugs as a trigger for the mystical experience. I remember we asked my philosophy teacher about that and he replied, “After years of experience, I would have to say no” [to the use of drugs as a trigger].

    Also, since drugs cause hallucinations, how would you know the experience was real and not just a chemically-induced dream?

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