WordPress vs. Other Blog Providers

I have been looking at various blog providers to find the best looking format for a blog.  I prefer a wide page of text, not these narrow pages with lots of blank space behind them.  I also like larger fonts, not the tiny ones you see in many of WordPress’s templates.  Xanga has a nice format but they don’t seem to have the same exposure to search engines.  Your stuff may look great but few people actually read it.  Blogspot’s formats are easily edited in html, but their look is somewhat overdone and amateur looking.

I think WordPress has the best of both worlds in terms of presentation and visibility.  Still, I’d sure like to expand the margins of my text area.  If anyone knows an easy way to do that, let me know.


2 responses to “WordPress vs. Other Blog Providers

  1. i believe it’s possible to expand the text margin through css, which is a paid upgrade. if you like a wide page of text and larger fonts, pressrow or cutline are good themes for that, and it’s free.

  2. Sulz, I don’t mind paying for the upgrade but I don’t know a thing about CSS. I will try those other themes, though and thanks for the tip.

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