Happy Birthday to Tere Carrubba (Alfred Hitchcock’s Granddaughter)

For the past week or so I have filled my evenings by reading Don Spoto’s book, “The Dark Side of Genius:  the Life of Alfred Hitchcock.”  The book is controversial in that it portrays aspects of Hitchcock’s life that are not flattering.  However, the author is immensely respectful of Hitchcock’s genius and of Hitchcock’s family, i.e. daughter Pat and granddaughters Mary, Tere and Katie.  Last Monday evening, on July 2, I came across a page in the book that told the birthdates of the granddaughters.  Tere was born on July 2nd.  I thought, I will have to email her and say “Happy Birthday” as July 2nd must be close by.  Later, after I had gone to bed, I realized that this was July 2nd, that I had read of Tere’s birthday on her birthday!  I love coincidences like this, and they seem to happen regularly in life.

I emailed her a couple of days late, but she did write back to say thanks for remembering her.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday to Tere Carrubba (Alfred Hitchcock’s Granddaughter)

  1. I met Hitchcocks granddaughters, daughter and wife in the late 70s in Litchfield Beach by accident. They invited me to the movies with them, a James Bond flick. As a Citadel Cadet, I had no idea who they were, but remember the hospitality and kindness. Always wondered if they remember me. Funny, the day I met the granddaughters on the beach, they were being attacked by a flock of seagulls. How funny, just like The Birds. Anyway, if you can contact them for me, it would be an honor to reconnect.

  2. Former Citadel Cadet who met the granddaughters, daughter and wife on a sunny day in Litchfield Beach S.C. in late 70s. While running along the shoreline, I noted two girls being attacked by a flock of seagulls (The Birds?). We met, I got invited back to the beach house, introduced, and attended a movie that night with the family…not knowing exactly who they were. They were wonderful and kind. Always wanted to reconnect. If you can assist, would you? Thanks so much. Perhaps they will remember.

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