Tere Carrubba and Pat Hitchcock O’Connell


This blog gets a lot of search engine hits for Tere Carrubba and Pat Hitchcock. Tere is Alfred Hitchcock’s granddaughter and someone I have been getting to know, just a bit, over the last four years. She’s a very sweet and lovely lady. I took the above photo in November 2003, when Tere, her two daughters and her mother, Pat Hitchcock O’Connell, visited the former Hitchcock estate in Scotts Valley. Pat is in white, Tere is on the left, and her two daughters are in back of Pat. The spot on Tere’s pants is rainwater – we had just come in from walking around the estate on a rainy day. So for those who are searching for photos of Tere and her mom (Alfred and Alma Hitchcock’s daughter), here’s one for your scrapbook. It has never been posted anywhere else and is previously unpublished.

The photo was in the solarium of the Scotts Valley estate. Behind Tere and family are the doors that open onto the front patio, where Alfred Hitchcock used to relax with his dog, Philip of Magnesia, and where he and Alma once entertained Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly. This living room has seen many famous stars who came to visit the Hitchcocks, including Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Ingrid Bergman. If only these walls could talk!

The estate is now owned by Bob and Judy Brassfield, who invited Tere, Pat and family to visit as their guests.

I have promised Tere and her husband Paul to send them copies of these pictures and it’s about time I did. So Tere, if you’re reading this, I haven’t forgotten you.


22 responses to “Tere Carrubba and Pat Hitchcock O’Connell

  1. I knew

    I knew Tere’s Dad, Joe O’Connell and her grandparents, who lived in Newton, MA during the winter and summered on Green Dune in West Hyannisport. Also knew her aunts, Cappy, Eileen and Marie. I was a youngster myself but remember them well and their cousins too.

    • Hello. I saw your blog and thought I would drop you a line. My name is Greg Hall and I am a teacher at York School in Monterey, Ca. I have been teaching History and Film Studies for over 30 years there. Some time ago, one of my students parents who lived in LaSelva Beach, told me she knew Alfred Hitchcock’s granddaughter who lived in the area. I think it is Tere but it might be Mary or Katie. I am not sure. She mentioned she would contact her for me since I teach a film class and the films of Hitchcock are prominently featured – maybe she might be interested in coming to talk to the students. If not, I certainly would understand. I also have a pretty amazing collection of film posters of Hitchcock movies that I have assembled over the last 30 years – originals dating back as far as Blackmail. All American one-sheets from 1935 on. I thought she might enjoy seeing them and would be glad to show them to her if she was interested. I have lost track of the parent who had offered to put me in touch with her and was wondering if you might be able to put me in touch with her. I certainly respect the privacy of such people and don’t want to pry at all. I do think she would really enjoy seeing the collection. Please let me know if you might be able to help me get in touch with her. Thanks so much – either way! -Greg Hall

      • Hi Greg,
        I am trying to start a grassroots movement in Scotts Valley to build an Alfred Hitchcock Center in honor of the great director. Would you be interested in helping me get things started? I wrote a letter in the paper and people have responded very favorably to the idea, but I need to find people to help generate ideas to present to the city.

        Tom Gaspar
        (831) 430-0354

  2. Pat, I will let Tere know that you contacted me. Send me your email address and I will forward your message to Tere.

  3. Pat Cushing, I have now put you in contact with Tere Carrubba, with Tere’s permission. Please email her.

  4. I have been attempting ot contact either Pat or Tere as I am probably the biggest Hitchcock fan in San Jose.
    I Would just like to tell them both that the book “Alma Hitchcock, the Woman behind the Man” which was written by Pat, is the best book I have ever read on Hitch.
    Thanks for everything,
    Rennie Parcesepe

  5. Paul Guenczler

    Sir, we are trying to contact the estate of Alfred Hitchcock to clear a rights issue and have not been successfull so far. If you were so generous to either forward this query to Ms Pat Hitchcock or, after consultation, are allowed us to give us a contact, we mostly appreciate.

    Paul Guenczler, Munich, Germany

  6. David Knijnenburg

    I have written a play about Alfred Hitchcock. Called “Hitchcock & Herrmann” it is about the relationship between the Great Director and Bernard Herrmann.
    It has been performed several times in Australia, in Brisbane and at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and I am in the planning stages of taking it to London and elsewhere.
    I would love to contact a member of the Hitchcock family in order for them to read it or listen yo the CD recording and, hopefully, give their approval.
    If you could put me in touch with the family I would be most grateful!
    David Knijnenburg

  7. Dear,
    I work for a show called ‘Plat Préféré’ or ‘Famous Food’ for Belgian television, a cooking/travel show in which a Belgian chef prepares the favourite dishes of legendary people. We already did episodes on Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Freddie Mercury, Salvador Dali etc.. You can look at our international trailer on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFCDCT_7VyY.

    This series we want to do an episode on Alfred Hitchcock, and for that I would really like to contact either his daughter or granddaughter. Could you please help me with this? That would be great! Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind regards, Tinne

  8. Gary – help! it’s the 50th Anniversary of “Psycho” and I am hoping to invite Patricia out to the Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival in October! Can you forward my request to Tere?

  9. I went to grade school with Katie O’Connell, Pat’s daughter. Katie and I also swam together at a local swim school. We all loved Pat. Her car had a personalized plate with ‘PAT OC’, and many of us were treated to rides to and from swim meet’s in Pat’s car. A popular saying among us on the team when Pat would pass by was, ‘I see Pat OC!’. Just wanted to say hello to Pat and Katie, send my love and best wishes.

  10. Hi:
    I came across your blog in an attempt to contact Mary Stone, Tere’s sister. I am an avid fan of their grandfather’s work, and a collector thereof. I own many items, including an outfit Pat wore in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. I received a cople notes from Pat about nine years ago, so gracious as she is. I understand she is currently not so well. I would , respectfully, like to have some contact with Mary or Tere, if possible. I am a practicing psychotherapist in New Jersey. You can visit my Facebook page to see more about me and that I am not one of Hitch’s psychopaths. My very dear friend, Joyce Randolph (TRIXIE from “The Honeymooners”) has a sonwho is also a major appreciator of Tere’s grandfather’s work.
    Thank you for your attention to this. My FB page profile picture is on myself and Glenn Close and can be viewed under Jim Mahon.

    • You can contact Terre Carrubba through the Alfred Hitchcock Golf Outing. They have it once a year, usually in June in the Scotts Valley area. They also have a website. Google it, then plan to attend — there is a modest cost for just going to the dinner. Terre, Pat and sometimes Mary and the other sister also attend. You could talk to them in person there and have a good time doing it.

  11. My email address:al53hitch@yahoo.com
    Thanks much, Jim

  12. Angelo Simeone

    Hello — I have searched the internet for a long time to find any information on the Alfred Hitchcock estate, and this is the one site that continually gets the most hits. I am a first-time filmmaker and am interested in using some audio from Francois Truffaut’s interview with Hitch. I’m not sure who owns the copyright to these tapes. They are widely disseminated on the internet now, but I’m not confident that they’re in the public domain. I don’t suppose you could put me in touch with Pat O’Connell, so that I may ask her personally? I know that you have received many such requests, but I have the greatest respect for the director and my short is intended as an homage to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Not to pressure you, but I am on a time sensitive deadline, and am absolutely desperate for any help in regards to this matter. Thank you so much. I have enjoyed immensely your pictures and words about your meeting with Pat OC. Thank you for this glimpse into your life and home.

  13. Hi there, thank you for this great post! My name is Scott Feinberg and I am a journalist with The Hollywood Reporter. We are trying to track down Ms. Carrubba for a piece that we’d like to do on her and Mr. Hitchcock’s other grandchildren. Would you please consider connecting us? Thanks very much, Scott

  14. claude edmond reininger

    Dear Gary,

    I just discover your blog and your relationship with the Hitchcock family.
    I am a French AH devotee and I would like to set up an “Alfred Hitchcock Foundation for the 7th Art”, as a tribute to the Artist and to perpetuate his cinematographic legacy among the young generations to come;
    I would like to contact a member of the family (Tere , Mary , if not Patricia herself…) to explain the main assignments of this Foundation, and to obtain their moral support.
    I should be very grateful for your help on this matter.

    With my kind regards

    Claude Reininger

  15. Claude, I no longer have Tere Carrubb’s email address, but you can probably contact her through her FaceBook account at this link:

  16. William j hitchcock

    My family is from a small town in England also I’m named after my grandfather Willam hitchcock My grandfather was named after his grandfather ,

  17. My name is Jorge Ramos and I’m a young composer from Portugal and I’m a huge fan of Hitchcock since the first film I ver saw of him, Vertigo.

    I’m currently finishing my Masters Degree and for my final project I’ll be presenting a live-performance (electronics) based on the famous “definition of happiness” by Alfred Hitchcock and entirely dedicated to the master of suspense.

    I was trying to get in contact with the family to give them a recording of my work, since it’s dedicated to one of my influences as an artist, I would like very much tfor the family to have a copy of it.
    I tried to investigate Patricia Hitchcock whereabouts but I can’t find the correct address and I read somewhere that she is no longer able to respond letters (I don’t know if that’s true..)

    In the end, I’m writing to know if anyone could help me to contact an Alfred Hitchcock’s family member.

    All the best,

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