Hitchcock Granddaughter Denies Signing Skivvies

fruitoflooms.jpgThe Alfred Hitchcock special mass and Vertigo event of October 5, 6 & 7 was a success, according to the Pinnacle newspaper of Hollister, California.  Hitchcock’s daughter, Pat Hitchcock O’Connell, and his granddaughter, Tere Carrubba, were in attendance. 

Bob Valenzuela, a columnist for the Pinnacle described Tere Carrubba’s role this way:

“Vertigo” was a hit and the big doings in San Juan Bautista celebrating the filming in San Juan Bautista was even more dizzy a box office hit!  Hitch’s daughter, Pat Hitchcock O’Connell attended.  Pat played the secretary friend to Janet Leigh in “Psycho.”  But it was Alfred Hitchcock’s granddaughter who was the hit of the ode to “Vertigo.”  Terry Carrubba was a one-woman fan to the fans as she autographed napkins, menus, programs and at least one person that I know of’s Fruit of the Looms that looked like they had been pecked by “The Birds.”  Aye chee waa waa!

I emailed Paul and Tere Carrubba and told them what Valenzuela said in his column.  I received this terse note from Tere Carrubba:

I hate to disappoint you but NONE of that happened!

So there you have it folks.  Tere Carrubba does NOT autograph badly frayed skivvies!  It appears Bob Valenzuela, who is strictly a humorous writer, wasn’t really serious in his description of the Hitchcock event.  Either that or his information source was the drunk downtown on the corner of 5th and San Felipe Road. 

I am somewhat disillusioned with Valenzuela.  Now I will have to reconsider the value of his opinion that Bill Murray was the real perpetrator in the O.J. Simpson case.


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