Teresa Brewer Passes Away

411a4x3bntl__aa240_.jpgI just learned that one of my favorite all-time singers, Teresa Brewer, has passed away.  She was 76 and suffering from a neuromuscular disease. 

I first heard her recordings when I was about 11 years old.  She sang a wonderful song called “A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl” and another called “Til I Waltz Again With You,” two of my favorites.  She was also known for “Music, Music, Music” and “Let Me Go Lover.”  She was redheaded, tiny (about 5 ft tall) and very beautiful.  Her voice was incredible for its strength and range, comparable to that of Celine Dion or Mariah Carey today.

Funny, just a couple of months ago I ordered a CD from Amazon.com of her best hits.  How sad that she is gone.

The picture at the right is one of my favorites too.  What an angel she was.  Go with God, Teresa.

Note:  See Teresa Brewer in 1981 performing a medley of her hits. 

For an even earlier, black and white TV performance, go to this link.

For an outstanding performance as hostess of the Muppet Show, see this Youtube video.  Her rendition of “Those Cottonfields Back Home” is breathtaking.


6 responses to “Teresa Brewer Passes Away

  1. Oh how we ued to listen to her and Gizelle McKenzie on “Your Hit Parade” on Pop”s black and white tv and engage in truely evil thoughts as they sang.!!!

  2. I don’t think she was ever on “Your Hit Parade.” You may have her mixed up with someone else.

  3. yes i was thinking of soeone else

  4. Bro, “Your Hit Parade” featured vocalists Snooky Lanson, Russell Arms, Dorothy Collins, and Gisèle MacKenzie. You are probably thinking of Dorothy Collins. See this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Your_Hit_Parade

    Yes, I remember Gisele MacKenzie. She was a lovely brunette with beautiful legs – I still remember her sitting on a cardboard moon singing “Allegheny Moon,” wearing a bathing suit. Wow. Her one great recording hit was “Hard to Get.” I have a copy of it and she sounded great too. Like Teresa Brewer, she too died at age 76, but in 2003.

  5. rosie from Rockford

    My older brother would lie on our couch when he was a teenager with Theresa’s album cover on his face. He was totally in love with her. She was unbelievably dynamic. I wish I had known she was in Vegas. I would have LOVED to see her.

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