Older Than Dirt: Today’s My Birthday

Today was my birthday.  It was also Danny Devito’s, a man of similar stature and credibility. 

I am now officially older than dirt.  Dirt was esctatic to finally be younger than someone.  He laughed and called  me a “geezer,” whatever that is.  I responded by hitting him over the head with my walker and throwing a bottle of Geritol at him.  Being young and spry, he easily evaded the missile.

Considering my advanced age, I briefly considered going down to the funeral home and turning myself in.  Why wait til the last minute?  But no, the Grim Reaper will have to come and get me.   I won’t go quietly.  I intend to break his scythe over his head and give him a wedgie with his long black robe. 

I am reminded of the saying, “I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.”

However, I can’t speak for DannyDevito. 


One response to “Older Than Dirt: Today’s My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Brother. Your one consolation is that I will always be older than you. Ted

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