Down 34 Pounds – Help, I’m Mel-tiiing

Back in May I wrote a blog entry on losing weight and how to do it.  I had lost 12 pounds in four weeks.  Later I updated the entry to report I had now lost 25 pounds.  Well as of this morning it was 34 pounds down, after seven months on the diet.

My doctor was ecstatic when I saw him a few weeks ago.  I have  low cholesterol and all other blood and urine factors were very healthy.  That’s great news. 

My doctor, however, wants me to get to my “ideal” weight, based on those height scales, of 154 pounds.  That means I have to lose another 20 pounds to reach that weight.  My personal goal was only to get to 165.  But what the heck, since I am staying on this eating regimen from now on, perhaps my weight will continue to fall and I will reach 154.  If so, fine.

Meanwhile, I look years younger and have more energy and mobility than I did seven months ago.  My clothes fit more loosely all the time.  I have gone from a 40 inch waist to a 36 and plan to start buying 34 waist pants soon.  The 36 waist is getting too loose.

Am I starving myself?  Heck no, that’s the fastest way to fail.  Am I miserable?  Feeling deprived?  Not a bit.  Losing weight means taking pains on proportions and kinds of food to prepare and being patient.  Patience is the key.  Imagine yourself as one of those Macy’s giant balloons in the New York parade.  That’s you.  Now imagine you have a very small leak.  It may take a few months but the weight will leak away.

Here’s the link to the original article and what I eat each day.


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