Silence: The Voice of God?

solitude.jpgI read somewhere that “silence is the voice of God.” I believe it.

A year ago I was taking a walk through some fields filled with yellow grass stubble. It was Fall and there is something about Fall that I always notice but never verbalized before. Fall has a kind of quietness to it, as if all sound is somehow muted. It’s as if nature itself is listening for something, watching and waiting. This always brings a feeling of peace to my soul.

We all hear about the “still, small voice within.” In fact,¬†many philosopers believe that this voice within is God’s usual means of communicating with us. I think we best hear the voice during moments of quietude, when we listen not just with our ears but with our hearts. I guess that’s why there is so much spiritual benefit in meditation. It is the process by which the active and noisy mind is quieted, allowing a higher voice to be heard.


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