Alfred Hitchcock: A Good Catholic


Many people don’t know this, but the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock was a believing Catholic.  As one of few people who have seen his mountain estate in Scotts Valley, California, I was surprised to find icons of his faith on the grounds.  At the far end of the trestle walkway, leading away from the house, one comes to a masonry wall with a small statuette, a figure of a monk.   See picture above.

The statuette is like something you might see in a church.   Did Hitchcock put the statue there or was it there when he bought the estate from Bruce Cornwall in 1940?  This I don’t know.  Nevertheless, it is a peaceful and reverent touch to the grounds.

See my next post, above, about a religious mosaic inlaid into a plaster wall. 

I am releasing this unpublished and previously unseen picture to the public.  Judging from my hit counter and blog stats, Alfred Hitchcock continues to be a primary interest of my visitors.

Alfred and Alma owned the Scotts Valley estate, “Heart O’ the Mountain” from 1940 to 1974, when increasing age made it difficult to visit there anymore.  The estate is now owned by Bob and Judy Brassfield.


2 responses to “Alfred Hitchcock: A Good Catholic

  1. Thank you so much for posting these photos to your blog! I might have a thought or two on these religious icons on my Hitchcock blog a bit little later.



  2. Joel, thanks, I’d love to read your blog!

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