The Religious Icons of Alfred Hitchcock


In my previous post I discussed the small statuette of a monk that appears on a masonry wall at Alfred Hitchcock’s former estate in Scotts Valley, California.  See previous post and picture.

There is another religious icon that appears on the grounds.  On the front porch there is a Christian mosaic (see photo above) inlaid into the plaster of a wall.  At the website “Footsteps In the Fog,” there is a picture of Alfred sitting beneath this mosaic in a black and white photo (see it here).  Tere Carrubba, Hitch’s granddaughter, has a copyrighted color photo of Alfred and and Alma sitting with Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly directly in front of this mosaic.  I have a copy of it but cannot run it without Tere’s permission.

The mosaic is still there and in good shape, with perhaps a chip or two from the 1989 earthquake that damaged the house (now all repaired and earthquake retrofitted).   See picture above, right.  Today the mosaic appears inlaid into the wall, where it was flat with the wall in Hitchcock’s time.  That’s because the current owners had the estate retrofitted against earthquakes after the 1989 quake damaged the estate.  The walls are much thicker now.

I am releasing this unpublished and previously unseen picture to the public.  Judging from my hit counter and blog stats, Alfred Hitchcock continues to be a primary interest of my visitors.

Alfred and Alma owned the Scotts Valley estate, “Heart O’ the Mountain” from 1940 to 1974, when increasing age made it difficult to visit there anymore.  The estate is now owned by Bob and Judy Brassfield.


One response to “The Religious Icons of Alfred Hitchcock

  1. This looks like it could be St. John DeMatha, based on the red and blue cross, which belongs to the order of the Trinitarians. Any thoughts on that?

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