Hitchcock Television Shows Available Free Online

Growing up in Stockton, California, I loved to watch “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” on television.  These were half hour shows in black and white; I’m not sure how long the series ran, but episodes from 1955 through 1957 are available to watch free online at www.hulu.com.  You have to watch a couple of short commercials, but it’s worth it to see these old classics.  The specific page for “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” is located at this link.  Three or four of these episodes feature Pat Hitchcock O’Connell, Hitch’s daughter, in either primary roles or bit parts.  Once again, Pat proved herself as an effective actress.

“Alfred Hitchcock Presents” was later made into an hour long series and renamed “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.”  Hulu has episodes from 1962 – 1964.  The link to “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour” is here.

It’s very relaxing on these summer evenings to sit outside in my backyard gazebo and watch these episodes on my laptop.  Many of them have famous actors or actresses early in their careers, when they were young and upcoming talents.  The episodes begin with the famour nine-line outline of Hitchcock’s profile (which he designed himself), accompanied by his well-known theme music, “The Funeral March of the Marionettes.” Hitch’s funny and engaging introductions and epilogues add great entertainment value.


One response to “Hitchcock Television Shows Available Free Online

  1. Don’t miss the faithful adaptation of John Wyndham’s “Consider Her Ways”, one of the most fascinating science fiction novellas ever written. Gladys Cooper turns up as the lavender-sache’d historian and Barbara Barrie (whom TVLand viewers know as Liz Miller from Barney Miller) plays the unfortunate Mother Orchis.

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