My New iPhone

Grown men are not above new toys, though it takes a lot to impress me these days.  But when my old Razor cell phone started konking out, my wife suggested an iPhone.  She got it for me and boy, is it slick.  The big screen, the internet access, the resolution of the camera, the fact you can use it to store songs and access all of your email accounts — well, need I say more.

I think of myself as pretty high-tech as I love computers and software; however, I have a blind spot for text messages.  I could never figure out how to create one on my old cell phones and did not have the motivation to try.  With the iPhone it’s easy (as long as you’re texting another iPhone).  You just bring up one of your contacts and press “text message;” a little keyboard pops up and you one-finger type your message and press “send.”  No weird codes or other hoops to jump through.

My son in Studio City, Nick, doesn’t often respond to my email or phone calls, but when I text-messaged him, a few minutes later I heard the ding! and he had responded, thrilled that I had an iPhone too.


One response to “My New iPhone

  1. I just got my new iphone.These things are soo awesome!Im addicted now

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