Communicating with the Dead: Lisa Williams

As I mentioned in a recent, previous post, I bought some books from that were authored by some mediums on communication with the dead.  I love to read about psychic phenomena, though I am by nature a skeptic.  I bought “Another Door Opens” by Jeffrey A. Wands, “Do Dead People Watch You Shower?” by Concetta Bertoldi and “Life Among the Dead” by Lisa Williams.  Of the three, Williams’ book was by far the best.

Williams tells her story in the form of an autobiography, from her first impressions as a child to her later readings with famous people and her discovery by Merv Griffin as a TV personality.  It’s interesting because it is told as an ordinary person with ordinary problems, except that dead people keep whispering in her ear.

Intrigued, I googled Lisa Williams and found that her television shows can be watched online.  I watched some of them and found them interesting and intriguing, though not definitive proof of her ability to communicate with the dead.  It is good to be skeptical, but not so skeptical that you lose an open mind.  I feel that Williams is sincere and not a charlatan, of which there are many in the psychic business.  I will continue to follow her career with interest.

While looking for Williams’ TV episodes on the net, I also came across a television show called “The Psychic Challenge,” where sixteen self-described psychics are put to a series of tests of their abilities, then graded by the persons they encounter in the tests.  I couldn’t help but feel that there is something to it — that some people do indeed have a sensitivity or six sense of some sort that enables them to see bits and pieces of the lives of deceased persons, or other facts not accessible by ordinary means .  This was particulary interesting in the investigation of crime scenes, where psychics have sometimes played key roles in solving murder cases or locating missing persons.

Of the three books I have read or am reading, I notice that all three authors express a belief in reincarnation.  It will be interesting to see what beliefs and impressions various psychics and mediums have in common.


3 responses to “Communicating with the Dead: Lisa Williams

  1. “dead people keep whispering in her ear..”
    I heard them through ear phones

  2. Saw her…she is absolutely terrible live (unedited). She needs to get lessons from VanPragh and Edwards if she’s going to keep this scam going. She makes no more of a connection with the dead as I do !

  3. I believe that communication with the dead does really happen, but it is not like most people think. I think we are linked by love with our friends and relatives (and pets) who have gone on. That this is what they mean in church when they say the “communion of saints”. I think anyone might get messages from people in the next life, but it is a very personal thing. Not like what you see on TV. There are a lot of con games and frauds on this subject. I would suggest youread “The Psychic Mafia” (by Lamar Keene). I also think some people really get messages, then exploit themselves by going on TV and making a business out of it and claiming much more communication than they really have.

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