Beyond and Back: Bio’s Television Series on the Near Death Experience

Ever since I read Dr. Raymond Moody’s book “Life After Life,” I have been fascinated with the Near Death Experience, or NDE.  NDE’s have happened to many thousands of people and these experiences display common characteristics that repeat over and over, from person to person.

One of my favorite television shows is on the Biography Channel, “I Survived…Beyond and Back.”  It is shown on Sundays in the evening.  It presents three NDE’s at a time from three different people who experienced clinical death.  Here are some of the common themes:

1.  A person experiences clinical death due to an accident, heart attack or other cause.  Almost immediately they experience leaving their physical body.  The find themselves looking down on their unconscious body, of floating around just like a ghost.  At the same time they feel utterly at peace, completely unafraid.

2.  Shortly, they see a very bright light moving towards them.  It is unusually beautiful and seems to convey a sense of complete and unconditional love.

3.  They see loved ones who have passed away before them.  These loved ones look better than they ever did before — young, healthy and fit.  Handsome men and beautiful women.  It’s as if these persons have somehow been republished into their greatest possible self.

4.  One of these persons suddenly tells the NDE voyager that “It’s not your time, you have to go back.”  The NDE person says that he doesn’t want to go back, that he loves it in this place and wants to stay.  However, it’s not his call.  The loved one then places his hands on the NDE person’s shoulders and pushes him or her backwards.  The NDE person then falls back into his body.

5.  Re-entering the physical body is described as very unpleasant.  One man said it was like being forced to put on some soiled and dirty clothes.  Another said it felt like he was being forced through a screen mesh.  The body is now seen as very confining, very small, crowded and uncomfortable.

You can explain it away until you’re blue in the face:  I believe in the afterlife.  The NDE for me is all the proof I need.

You can watch some of Bio’s most recent episodes online at this link.


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