Fighting Depression

I have had chronic depression for some years now, and since I’ve entered my golden years, I find my depression has worsened.  These are the reasons:

1.  In retirement I find nothing to look forward to.

2.  I lack a sense of purpose  and meaning.

3.  I’m bored.

I have perhaps ten more years of productive life, and I will not spend it like this.  Life should be meaningful, challenging and joyful.  I am determined to resume full enjoyment of my life, but I need to figure out how to do that.


5 responses to “Fighting Depression

  1. Write more.

  2. Okay, thanks Linda.

  3. I just discovered you blog while performing a search regarding Alfred Hitchcock’s home in the Santa Cruz mountains. Please keep up your writing. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and life near to my hometown of Los Gatos. I moved to the east coast almost 15 years ago and your posts, no matter what, seem to make the distance closer. You Do have a purpose! Keep it up for those of us who value how you write.
    P.S. There’s nothin’ like jazz for me also.

  4. As a fellow depressive, I can empathize, but not offer much advice. In fact, I hate when people who don’t know what depression feels like believe they have “the answer” and aren’t shy about letting you know it.

    So these are just some thoughts, which may or may not resonate with you:

    Presumably you have tried anti-depressant meds. The key is, first, finding a doctor who knows what he or she is doing. An amazing number don’t and don’t care — it’s just a job and lots of them are tired of it, burned out. But don’t settle for that. Sooner or later you’ll connect with the right one.

    There’s a huge backlash against anti-depressants, partly legitimate: the side effects, the hit-or-miss effectiveness. But when you find the right one at the right dosage, it can help. Not perfectly, but some help is better than none.

    It sounds corny, but appreciate the good that is around you: family, friends, comforts. I know the region you live in a little, and if I may say so, you are lucky to live in an attractive part of California — even if the state is gaga in so many ways. Living environment matters.

    Some variety is, in my experience, therapeutic. Do lots of different things (that appeal to you). Avoid too much routine.

    Starting this new blog seems like a forward step. Writing is uplifting if you’re writing about what interests you in the words you find congenial.

    These are just thoughts, as I said. More important is to trust yourself to find what works for you.

  5. Thanks Rick. I am taking 50 mg of Zoloft daily and have been for several years. Lately my musical pursuits and my study of psychic literature have helped considerably. Writing in this blog about spiritual and psychic themes is a lot more uplifting than political debates and rants in other venues. This blog is like a quiet respite where beautiful things can be experienced and contemplated, without the strife of contentious experiences in other forums.

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