Where’s God When You Need Him?

oreoLast Monday my son lost his dog in an accident.  My son has been in the hospital for three months with a bad infection, so he left his dog in the care of his cousin.   The dog, “Oreo,” started jumping the fence and wandering the neighborhood.

We asked the cousin to install an “invisible fence,” to keep the dog (“Oreo”) from jumping the fence and possibly getting run over.  Various people (Oreo had a FaceBook page and over 300 fans) had furnished the cousin with sufficient funds to purchase the invisible fence, but he wouldn’t do it…no explanation, no discussion of alternatives.  Instead he put a leash on the dog, who then jumped over the fence wearing the leash….and strangled to death.

Oreo was a pedigree Old English Bulldog, quite beautiful.  That’s her in the picture above.  She was only three years old at the time of her death.  We hope she didn’t suffer, but we know she must have.

This nasty incident really dealt a serious blow to my faith in God.  I have seen accidents before, seen good people die and pets suffer, but this one really hit me.  I spent the week and weekend expressing my disappointment with the Almighty for its non-intervention, saying “Thanks for nothing, sport.”  I decided that if God cares at all about human beings, it isn’t obvious.  So I stopped my usual praying, feeling that it was futile anyway.

Does this mean that I no longer believe in God?  No, but I now see him as an impersonal force.  I don’t believe in Hell, so I do not fear divine retribution for my anger or my doubts.  My attitude at this time is one of resignation and futility.  Do with me what you will, God, I really don’t much care what that is.


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