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Cats Swing Band

Cats Swing Band

I am now practicing regularly with the Cats Swing Band of Los Gatos, California.  The band is an adult education project, for older people who have retrieved their trombones, trumpets and saxophones from the Attic, dusted them off, and started to play again.  One of my best friends, Don Calvello, informed me of the band and I joined.  I play bass.

I play both bass guitar and standup, or string bass.  The latter is my principal instrument.  I love “American Songbook” tunes, great old American standards like those  you hear sung by Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra and others.

I’ve been with the band for a year now.  In that time period I have learned to read notes and my ear for jazz, swing and blues has improved considerably.  The band has improved steadily, too.

Our band leader is a young man, a senior at San Jose State and a music major, one Faris Jarah.  Faris has done a remarkable job whipping this cacophonous collection of cats into a credible band.

Currently, we have three trombone players, three trumpet players, two saxophone players (one alto, the other tenor), a piano player, two guitar players, a drummer and me on bass.  We could use a baritone sax player and another alto sax.

Currently we are practicing the following songs:  All of Me, L-O-V-E, Corcovado, All Right, Okay You Win, Embraceable You, and others.  I may publish links to some of our practice sessions later on.