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The Akashic Record: Move Over Cayce, I Too Perceived It

Man in a Bowler Hat and Celluloid Collar, Early 20th Century

Man in a Bowler Hat and Celluloid Collar, Early 20th Century

Sometimes when I am in a meditative mood, I gain new insights and perceptions.  Back in 2004, I was working in San Jose on an accounting project.   I perceived, or imagined, a kind of supernatural record, perhaps in the mind and memory of the Divine.  This record would be of every event and human memory ever made, like a huge mystical database.   I wrote down my impressions in my digital journal:

From My Journal, Friday, July 16, 2004

I am near downtown San Jose.  Part of the public transportation system makes use of old fashioned trolley cars they bought from Italy 10 or 15 years ago, to restore a portion of the City’s past.  The trolleys make use of iron bells that are rang as a warning to traffic that they are coming.  The ringing iron sounds like something out of the 19th Century and conjures images in my mind of horses and buggies and women in hoop skirts.  I sometimes feel that I could just walk downtown and cross the centuries as easily as crossing the street.  I somehow sense that the past is still all there, existing in parallel with the present, that all the yesterdays stretching backward into time still exist with all the thousands of people and events laid out chronologically and accessible like some giant rolodex.  Or so it seems when the trolley’s iron bell rings, or the tower bell downtown chimes out its quarter hour.  Or does it still do that, like it did when I was a child?  Come to think of it, I don’t remember hearing it for some years.

I wish I could traverse the centuries at will, spend an afternoon in 1898 and wear a bowler hat, spats and a celluloid collar.  I often feel a need to communicate with those long-dead folks.  I cannot share their world, but can only imagine what it must have been like.


Later, after writing the above journal entry, I learned that my concept of a “giant rolodex” is called the Akashic Record, and I am far from the first person to ever conceive of it.  The great psychic Edgar Cayce is believed to have been able to access the record, and that accounts for much of his psychic observations.


Fall Weather and Psychic Phenomena

Here in Hollister, California the weather has been hot during the day, but very fall-like in the evening.  I love that nip in the air.  I  love the fresh smells.

A few posts back I was whining about my chronic depression.  Poor me!  Waaah! I just need a hug.  Well, I needed something, in any case.  The Universe provided it.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a book in my library when an unwanted book fell out.  It was a few years old, the edge of the paper had begun to brown.  The title was “Another Door Opens.”

I didn’t remember when or how I got this book.  I had a sneaky feeling that an unknown force, the Universe perhaps, was messaging me.  “Hey dummy, here’s a book you need to read.  Get on it.”  I did.

The book was about psychic power and communing with the dead.  But it was more than that.  It also contained a lot of practical advice on how to be happier, how to deal with depression.  It talked about soul-paths, and how it is up to you to change your path to a better one.

“Finding your path” is figuring out what you should be doing in life to maximize your potential, your purpose, your happiness.   How do you find out about psychic stuff?  Consult a lady with a kerchief on her head and a crystal ball?  No.  You meditate a lot.  And read more about developing your psychic powers, which sounds a lot more occult and weird than it really is.  Mostly your psychic power is your intuition, your effective care, feeding and use of your subconscious mind.

Sure, psychic power can include psychokinesis, moving things with your mind, mental telepathy, distant viewing, dream interpretation, extra-sensory perception, or ESP.  The psychic skill that impresses me most, and one I would like to have, is the ability to hold an object — an old pocket watch perhaps, and sense important facts and details about the person who owned it.

Depressed?  Get on the path, dude.  Don’t know what or where your path is?  Put it out into the Universe.  Show me the way, great Cosmos!  My mind is open to it.

I am managing my mental states better after receiving this information.   I just read a fairly technical book on “Developing Your Psychic Powers.”  It also stresses regular meditation as the means to increase these natural abilities.

I have another book that I will start soon, it is called “The Only Psychic Power Book You’ll Ever Need.”  It should be interesting.

We all have psychic experiences now and then, though we may not recognize them as such.  I will relate some of my own in future posts.

Communicating with the Dead: Lisa Williams

As I mentioned in a recent, previous post, I bought some books from that were authored by some mediums on communication with the dead.  I love to read about psychic phenomena, though I am by nature a skeptic.  I bought “Another Door Opens” by Jeffrey A. Wands, “Do Dead People Watch You Shower?” by Concetta Bertoldi and “Life Among the Dead” by Lisa Williams.  Of the three, Williams’ book was by far the best.

Williams tells her story in the form of an autobiography, from her first impressions as a child to her later readings with famous people and her discovery by Merv Griffin as a TV personality.  It’s interesting because it is told as an ordinary person with ordinary problems, except that dead people keep whispering in her ear.

Intrigued, I googled Lisa Williams and found that her television shows can be watched online.  I watched some of them and found them interesting and intriguing, though not definitive proof of her ability to communicate with the dead.  It is good to be skeptical, but not so skeptical that you lose an open mind.  I feel that Williams is sincere and not a charlatan, of which there are many in the psychic business.  I will continue to follow her career with interest.

While looking for Williams’ TV episodes on the net, I also came across a television show called “The Psychic Challenge,” where sixteen self-described psychics are put to a series of tests of their abilities, then graded by the persons they encounter in the tests.  I couldn’t help but feel that there is something to it — that some people do indeed have a sensitivity or six sense of some sort that enables them to see bits and pieces of the lives of deceased persons, or other facts not accessible by ordinary means .  This was particulary interesting in the investigation of crime scenes, where psychics have sometimes played key roles in solving murder cases or locating missing persons.

Of the three books I have read or am reading, I notice that all three authors express a belief in reincarnation.  It will be interesting to see what beliefs and impressions various psychics and mediums have in common.