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A Foxhole in the Mind

A Foxrain-puddlehole in the Mind. That’s what soldiers in war refer to a mental exercise designed to keep them from panicking under fire.  It is a way to feel safe so one can function in trying circumstances.

It is a place where you can feel safe.  We all need this mental place of security, safety and serenity, in order to cope with the pressures and worries of work and daily life.

Sanctuary:  a place of refuge and protection.

Sanctum:  a place where one is free from intrusion.

What I need is not so much a foxhole in the mind as a sleeping bag in the mind, my own bedroom to shelter me from the rainstorms of life.  Warmth, comfort, sleep.  They can’t get me here.  The feeling that I don’t have to get up in the morning to go to school or work and can sleep as late as I like.  My cat and my dog lounging with me on my bed.

The above thoughts are ways in which I enter a meditative state.  They help me relax, unwind, and even fall asleep.

I have a CD called “Rain.”  It is designed to aid in meditation and relaxation.  It is a collection of natural sounds — rain, surf, wind, thunder, jungle sounds, birds, crickets.  Listening to it helps one enter an alpha mental state, going “deep” into the subconscious, connecting with something called the Universal Mind.

The Universal Mind, I take it, is all human minds, living or dead, that is accessible to anyone through meditation and psychic skill.  It is this Universal Mind through which psychics can see facts about people that they have never met.  It is also a means for obtaining ideas, answers and solutions to problems in life or business.

Don’t laugh.  Napoleon Hill in his famous book on success, “Think and Grow Rich,” describes rich tycoons of business and industry who believed in this concept.

It’s also a great way to fall asleep and take a nap.